30 March 2011

«REP Holding» completed manufacturing of semiconductor frequency converter of marine execution

Within the framework of implementation of Federal target program «Development of civil marine technique» which purpose is to establish home scientific and technological and design potential as well as creating conditions for producing competitive civil marine technique, REP Holding completed its work on creating prototype of vessel semiconducting frequency converter of marine execution of new generation. The converter was designed together with CJSC «SPC «Shipping Electric Propulsion» and CJSC «Institute of power machine building and electronics» engineers, constructed, manufactured and tested on «Nevsky Zavod».

Differential characteristic of semiconducting frequency converter from known analogues is generality, modularity, wide power range, minimal weight and dimensional values, serviceability, high repairability and reliability, minimal net cost. Design and manufacturing of converter is carried out in accordance with Russian Maritime Register of Shipping requirements.

Thanks to its generality and modularity the converter can be used as a part of ship’s electric propulsion systems, lateral thrusters, shaft-generator units of 1 to 3,6 MW rated power.

The results of electrotechnical testing showed, that semiconducting frequency converter is in compliance with the technical requirements on all the parameters. The developed prototype of semiconducting frequency converter of marine execution overmatches the world models on the range of technical and economical values and is planned to be manufactured in REP Holding with the purpose of using on home constructed ships instead of foreign analogues.

REP Holding – is the first Russian enterprise, developing serial production of ship’s SFC of marine execution of new generation. The development of converter is honored with medal and certificate of International Forum «Russian Marine Industry».

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