17 February 2011

The revival of metal manufacture at «Nevsky Plant»

On the 14th of February, 2011 at «Nevsky Zavod» the arc melting furnace DC DPPTU-0, 5 have been tested. The dummy test was successful done, at this moment the commissioning work is finished, the test with hot metal and pilot batches have been already prepared, during which the technology of alloy steels melting will be tested, which are necessary for manufacturing of castings and forgings for gas turbines and compressors.

According to the plan of metallurgical production of «Nevsky Zavod» in February 2011 entered into service two melting furnaces for manufacture of steel and cast iron - DPPTU-0, 5 and DPPTU-3, 0, which provide smelting of 0.6 tones and 3.6 tones of liquid metal per heat.

Enter of furnaces in operation - is one of the stages of development of production of GPU-32 «Ladoga». They will melt castings and forgings for gas turbine MS5002E. Supposed to manufacture castings for both domestic use and for external customers.

Also at the beginning of February 2011 continuous mixer SNDV1-6 has been installed and commissioned for the manufacturing of molds for furnace DPPTU-0, 5.

Mixer SNDV1-6 is designed for preparation of sand-based mixtures with resin or liquid binder. The productivity of the mixer up to 10 tons of mixture per hour.

Totally, at the foundry installed 5 new mixers, with capacities from 50 kg to 30 tons per hour, which are components of the automated molding lines. With the mixer SPDV 1-6 manufacture of molds, which then will be poured molten metal in the furnace.

Mixer and furnace are integral parts of the technological process of casting, including for turbine MS5002E. The commissioning of the equipment forming the site is planned for the month of February 2011.

Historical background

The preparations for the reconstruction of metallurgical production began in 2007, decision on this matter was taken by the President of «REP Holding» Gennady Lokotkov within the frame of the reconstruction of «Nevsky Zavod».

In 2007 the contracts for the supply of basic technological equipment - smelters DDPU - 0,5 and DDPU - 3,0, forging a complex with a press force 315 tons were signed.

In 2009, the contract for the supply of 8 heat-treatment furnaces and 2 quenching tanks was signed.

In 2008 - 2009 years. specialists of OJSC «Lengipromez» and «Nevsky Zavod» developed a technology project of the casting and forging thermal processes.

In 2010, contract for the supply of accessories and handling equipment required for metallurgical production of «Nevsky Zavod» was signed.

Since January 2010, CJSC «NZL» included the metallurgical production, The redeployment of staff from the Co. Ltd. «Nevsky Metallurgical Plant» was done. During the year the construction and installation, the commissioning works were fulfilled.

Simultaneously with the launch of the production team of metallurgists are prepared for the production of metallurgical blanks (forgings and castings) for gas-pumping unit «Ladoga» and certification of production.

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