9 December 2010

«REP Holding» released the first natural gas compressor at efficiency of 86 %

On November 30 at the test bed of «Nevsky Zavod» has successfully passed the AT of novice of centrifugal natural gas compressor estimated for end-pressure of 120 aerosphere and having efficiency of 86%. The testing were passing at a presence of inspection committee chaired by Vasiliy Spirin - general director of CJSC «Institute of power machine-building and electronics». The commission staff also included the representatives of JSC «Gazprom», «Gazprom transgas Ukhta» LTD, «Gazprom VNIIGAZ» LTD, VP-10 JSC «Gazprom». As for results of testing that unit was recommended for issues in a batch production for application on the Compressor Station of JSC «Gazprom».

Compressor is intending for operations in a gas pipeline system of «Gazprom» according to project «Main pipeline system «Bovanenkovo –Ukhta». It serves for gas pumping at the gas pipeline system in structure of gas-compressor plant at a power of 32 MW, and would be installed on the CS «Syninskay» of gas mains «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta». That is enhanced version of compressor 400-21-1С, manufactured at the beginning of 2010 Y on «Nevsky Zavod». Previous two compressors of that type, but at a lower efficiency and made under conventional pressure of 76 atm, also installed on the CS «Vavozhskaya» and «Gryazovets» in structure of GPU-32 «Ladoga».

The increase in efficiency has been reached as a result of carrying out of a series of mock-up test, and also improvement before the created units and mock-up for testing. On the basis of the received data the optimum air-gas channel for given compressor has been chosen. Also careful control over all technological actions - accurate observance of the design documentation and cleanliness of a flowing part was carried out at manufacturing and assembly. In the course of creation air-gas channel the treatment processing of impellers has been modernized. In order to avoid a slag covering of impellers applied a vacuum method of heat treatment.

All activities and tests for improvement of that compressor are taken under line-management of Compressors Engineering department and department for investigation and calculations of compressors at CJSC «Institute of power machine-building and electronics».

At an early date to be in the planning stage follow-on revision the technique issues for a unit modernization, it is planed making of along similar lines, but at a usage of AMB, that’s permit to reduce the mechanical loss and increase total efficiency of GT operation.

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