8 October 2010

«REP HOLDING » reconstructing Russian gas-transport system

On September 17, 2010 at the compressor station CS-5 «Volodino» of TOMSK inline control system for gas pipeline Co LTd. «Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk» were held on the AT testing of ACS for compressor station (САР Compressor Station) at the production line of CJSC «REP Holding».

Tests of this system were successful. Evaluation of the system gave the commission headed by CEO in deputy for production of «Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk» Mr. Kotov V.D.

At the test also presented the Director in deputy of Tomsk inline control system for gas pipeline Mr. Alymov I.J., Chief superintendant engineer for Automation and Remote Control of Co LTd. «Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk»Mr. Osokin E.F. and representatives of «REP Holding» – Department Director of promising developments at Electrical Equipment & ACS Mr. Mordovchenko D.D., Chief of converters technique department Mr. Volkov A.N. and leading engineer Mr. Surma S.V.

According to the results of tests conducted the committee of Co LTd. «Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk» accepts the presented system в pre-production operation, what the act was signed.

ACS of compressor shop is included into composition of ACS for Compressor Station, and is intend for execution of operation at the station, Technology management and anti-surge protection of compressor stations. ACS for Compressor Station enables to realize the automation adjustment of set value for performance, pressure or compression ratio at the output of compression shop as for the centrifugal compressors speed of rotation change.

Besides, the ACS of Compressor Station enable to procure automatic Start-up & Shutdown of electrical drive GPU due to CS limited modes of operation, align the loads between them and prevent setting to surge mode of operation. That new generation of electrical drive GPU are performed by «REP Holding» and supplied to CS «Volition» and others compressor stations of «Gazprom».

ACS of compressor station is the result of a systematic approach in CJSC «REPH» to renovation letting the national gas transmission system, using modern technology and fundamental knowledge, as well as the determination and dedication of professional staff CJSC «REPH».

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