18 October 2010

Busy season on the self-elevating rig «Arctic»

In the central ship-yard «Zvezdochka» (Severodvinsk city) is closing the final stage of construction the self-elevating rig «Arctic». At the present time at the drilling rig are continuities the commissioning and installation and start-up work, are proceeded the basin trial and mechanical run tests.

Self-elevating rig «Arctic» - no propelled drilling rig on three feet, with the accommodation module at the hull nose, with the land area for helicopter and drilling rig unit , arranged in the afterbody of drilling rig. The purpose of the self-elevating rig «Arctic» is exploring and maintenance for drilling oil & gas wells at the depth up to 6500 meters at see depth from 7 up to 100 meters.

An active involvement in the final milestone of construction takes the trial crew of «REP Holding». In the cast of the trial crew are included the high skilled experts of different affinitive enterprises of «REP Holding». They are designers of CJSC «Institute of power machine-building and electronics» and engineers of CJSC «SPC «Shipping Electric Propulsion», supervisors of field supervision department, commissioning and services of «REPH», electric installation workers and designers of CJSC «Nevsky Zavod».

The trial crew members are working in close contact with workers and engineers of ship yard, with designers of design bureau «Coral», and representatives of Russian Maritime Register of shipping industry and customer – OJSC «Gazprom».

At spring of 2011Y is planned completion phase trial run at sea for two weeks, after that drilling rig «Arctic» would be commissioned to Co Ltd. «Gazflot».

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