10 September 2010

From Holding Innovations to Scientific Degrees

In early September Andrey Ishanin, 1st category engineer of the Advanced Electric Propulsion Systems Department, passed successfully his Ph.D. defense. His thesis work «Data ware for Simulation of Ship Electric Propulsion Control Systems with regard to Essential Nonlinearities» was performed at CJSC «Scientific-Production Center «Shipping Electric Propulsion». The defense took place in Saint-Petersburg State University of Water Service Lines. The work is focused on the problem related to increasing the efficiency of data ware for simulation of ship electric propulsion automatic control systems.

At present, at CJSC «SPC «Shipping Electric Propulsion» there are one doctoral candidate, two postgraduates and two degree-seeking students who are taking their postgraduate and doctorate courses at the State Maritime Academy named after Admiral S.O. Makarov and St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, with a specialization in «Electrical Complexes and Systems» and «Process Control Automation». The area of focus of the research work of CJSC «SPC «Shipping Electric Propulsion» staff is the design optimization and operation improvement of the marine electric and power systems.

It should be noted that it is only within the last two years that the CJSC «SPC «Shipping Electric Propulsion» employees published two monographs, a training manual and more than 30 articles in the Russian leading scientific and technical periodicals. The CJSC «SPC «Shipping Electric Propulsion» employees have taken part in ten international and all-Russia scientific and technical conferences, have been awarded prizes and certificates of honour for the best scientific and technical developments in the field of shipbuilding.

Thus, a new scientific discipline has been established at «REP Holding» during the two years of the CJSC «SPC «Shipping Electric Propulsion» existence to solve the problems related to the design of up-to-date high-efficiency marine electric propulsion systems, and a scientific school in marine electric propulsion is being formed.

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