17 September 2010

The first Russian industrial turbine with a capacity of 32 MW has been commercialized

Ceremonial start-up of the gas turbine, manufactured by CJSC «REPH» using GE Oil & Gas technology took place on 16th of September 2010 on «Nevsky Plant» enterprise. The biggest enterprises of oil, heavy industry, and the main field-oriented higher education institutions of Petersburg took part in this event. Participants had the possibility to observe in real-time all the phases of turbine start-up from specially built field «Polygon». Presentations of innovation projects, work meetings, presentation of GPU-32 «Ladoga» and press conference were conducted under this program.

Gennady Lokotkov, the President of CJSC «REPH», Boris Shaidak, the Adviser of President of CJSC «REPH» and the General Designer of GPU-32 «Ladoga» project, Luca Frassinelli, the Technical Director on GE Oil & Gas technologies localization, Vasily Spirin, the General Director of CJSC «Institute of Power Machine-Building and Electrotechnics» gave speech on the press conference.

The questions connected with history, foundation and the main phases of GPU-32 «Ladoga» project implementation, unit release technology, uniqueness and significance of this project in the scope of the country, further perspectives and development etc. were concerned during the press conference.

Particularly it was mentioned, that the uniqueness of the project consists primarily in that fact that no industrial turbines of that class having such big capacity have been released until today. New turbine gives us absolutely new opportunities for oil and gas enterprises and raw material industry, providing reduction of expenses and solving problems of gas transport system reequipment. Among them is OAO «Gazprom», being one of the key consumer of «REP Holding». For today there is a contract between enterprises for 14 bln 970 mio rubles. Two units have already been installed on compressor stations «Gryazovetz» and «Vavozhskaya».

«Today we performed a work, we dreamt about for a long time. We have been moving to this result four years, two and a half years we were mastering all design documentation, translating and russifying the materials, mastering the technology, preparing and training our personnel. And today we started serial production of the first Russian industrial turbine with capacity of 32 MW. This phase opens us a long way to improvement and development, saturation of product line», dramatized the importance of today stage of the project the President of «REP Holding» Gennady Lokotkov.

Gas pumping unit GPU-32 «Ladoga» on the basis of licensed MS5002E turbine has a high for Russian units of industrial type efficiency (36%), low level of exhausts and significant operational life. Complete modernization of production capacity of «Nevsky Plant» as a part of CLSC «REPH» was carried out for the purpose of this project implementation. Reequipment of all technological processes with new modern equipment was performed; specialists were trained; the unique test bench was constructed.

The further perspectives on turbine modernizations can be mentioned among other issues of the conference. For today the works on specific characteristics and units improvement are being carried out. Among these works the following activities can be especially mentioned: implementation of starter-generator, which allows refusing of outside energy sources on start by means of additional output of 500 kW of electric energy during turbine operation. Therefore economical efficiency will be increased. Starter-generator test are planned for November 2010.

Increasing efficiency up to 39%, reducing GTU weight and overall characteristics were stated among the main modernization directions. In its turn it allows to reduce areas, occupied by compressor workshops on compressor station, and reduce operating costs. Besides in the long view CJSC «REPH» is planning to master production of gas turbine with 126 MW capacity that allows competing on the market of constructing big energy units in Russia and CIS. Memorandum on possible transfer of technology on its production was signed with General Electric in October 2009. Modernization and construction works on production areas are being carried out for further implementation of this project.

The main requirements of success of such a wide-scale activity is in foundation of long-term mutually partnership relations with GE Oil & Gas company, based on loyalty and support, as well as implementation of effective social policy on Holding enterprises and implementation of program on training of engineering and labor personnel.

Up to date «REP Holding» is a key energy machine-building enterprise in Russia, specializing on development and production of innovation products, applying of that will support early modernization of oil and gas branch and gas piping system of the country.

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