9 August 2010

From Innovative Developments to Mass Production

In late July the electrically driven gas pumping unit (EGPA-4,0 / 8200) was put in operation at the «Volodino» compressor station, Gazprom Transgas Tomsk. The unit was started remotely from the central control room of Gazprom Transgas Tomsk CS in Tomsk.

To date this is the most advanced gas-pumping unit, both in the domestic and world market. The new generation EGPA units rated at 4MW are cost-efficient, saving up to 30% of electrical power, are made using magnetic bearings, which improves significantly the environmental performance of the unit, are fully automated, allow for unattended operation without operative personnel. The installed up-to-date automatic control systems allow for remote access to the CS equipment control, as was demonstrated during the first remote run of the unit carried out by Vitaly Markelov, General Director of Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk, from the central control room of Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk CS.

The unit start-up was preceded by successful tests of this EGPA prototype.

The unit operation was assessed by the interdepartmental commission comprising experts from the Gas and Gas Condensate Transmission Department, Power Generation Department, Process Automation Department of OJSC «Gazprom», as well as experts from Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Gazprom Promgaz, DOJSC «Orgenergogaz», Gazprom Gaznadzor, RTN, Co Ltd. «Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk», Co Ltd. «Gazprom Transgaz St. Petersburg», CJSC «REP Holding», «Siemens».

The Commission inspected carefully all the unit assemblies and modes of operation of the compressor station in the gas trunk-line system. The emergency stop of the unit was simulated, the power load was changed, protection operation was checked.

As a result of the tests, the acceptance test certificate was signed wherein it was stated that this EGPA prototype satisfied the up-to-date technical standards by its basic design and technical solutions and was recommended for serial production to be used in the gas industry.

By 2012, in accordance with the program of reconstruction of electric drive compressor stations of Co Ltd. «Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk», similar gas-pumping units made by «REP Holding» will be installed at five more CS located in Parabel, Chazhemto, Proskokov, Vertikos and Alexandrovskoye.

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