19 July 2010

Developed by «REP Holding» the power module passed tests to satisfaction on production site of «Semikron» company

At the present time CJSC «REPH» accomplishes pilot-line production of marine type shipping semiconductor converter of new generation. Unparalleled in Russia, converter is manufactured on the basis of modern intelligent power semiconductor modules of «Semikron» company. Application field of advanced converter involves electric propulsion shipping systems, shipping electric drive, including thrusters, shipping shaft generator units.

Semiconductor frequency converter power section tests were successfully accomplished on «Semikron» company site in France. The tests were performed in the full scope according to preliminarily planned program and method. The following test were performed: cooling system leakages hydraulic tests, power section insulation electrical strength and electrical resistance tests, thermal test, tests on functionality and power tongs short circuit. Test control and product acceptance on the part of «REPH» were provided by the General Director of CJSC «SPC «Shipping Electric Propulsion» Andrey Grigoriev.

It should be mentioned, that «Semikron» company is the world leading manufacturer of semiconductor components and power assembly modules for converter equipment of different application.

During the visit negotiations regarding technology transfer and power modules manufacturing organization on «REP Holding» enterprises were hold. The question on concluding contract for supplying semiconductor components was also discussed. The General Director of French department of «Semikron» company Christian Meyer took part in negotiation process. Return visit of the company delegacy headed by the General Director of «Semikron International GmbH» Peter Fry is planned on September 2010.

Mutually advantageous cooperation allows «REPH» to master the production of marine type semiconductor converters of own development, and «Semikron» company to achieve additional sales market for its products.

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