15 June 2010

"REP Holding" - the official partner and member of the international symposium "Consumers, manufacturers of compressors and compressor equipment"

On the 9th – 11th of June in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University was held the XV International Symposium "Consumers, manufacturers of compressors and compressor equipment.” The speakers at the symposium were specialists from the organizations that operate compressors, the designers and manufacturers of compressors and compressor equipment.

The practical and business nature of scientific meetings of the symposium, which was held by the compressor, vacuum and refrigeration chair of SPU in 1994, took the support and the interest among the specialists from Russia, CIS and abroad.

At the plenary meeting, the Chief Designer of the CJSC "IPM&E" Vladimir Shirmanov took part, he presented the innovative projects of “REP Holding”. The topic of the report "Dry actuated gas pumping units - creation and setting" was made by Director of promising developments of the compressors - Michael Chernin (CJSC "IPM&E").

In addition to active participation in the business program REP Holding organized a special event for the members of the delegation – “The day of Nevsky Plant”, which was held on the final day of the conference. The tour was attended by Russian and foreign designers of the compressor equipment.

The participants of the excursion had the opportunity to visit the modernized production and testing facilities of “Nevsky Zavod”, where manufactured, completed and tested the advanced equipment for oil and gas and other industries. Participants visited turbo compressor, rotary, blade, pattern-making manufactures, test facilities for steam and gas turbines, visited the inter-factory laboratory of metrology, testing and quality control, and also visited the new manufacturing site, which is under construction.

After the excursion through the Nevsky factory, at the central office of «REP Holding» the presentation of innovative projects of «REP Holding» in the field of electrical engineering and power engineering was held.

At the end of the event was held banquet, during which participants could exchange ideas and establish business contacts.

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