18 June 2010


On June 17, 2010 was evaluated the working visit into «REP Holding» site of delegation headed by Boris Kovalchuk, the CEO in deputy of INTER RAO UES. The visit was a logical step in the development cooperation of the companies that implement joint projects in the countries of South America: Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador.

During the visit, representatives of RAO UES acquainted with the products made by enterprises of the Holding Company and visit the production areas for manufacturing of gas turbine unit «LADOGA-32», have a discussions concern production process, development and GTU proof test perspectives, and also potential of it usage at power engineering sites of INTER RAO UES.

Meeting participants expressed an interest in innovative products and the Holding Company have expressed satisfaction with the work on the production and development of GTU - 32 «LADOGA».

In addition, the guests visited test - bed in production facilities of «REP Holding» for AT (Acceptance Tests) of gas turbine MS5002E procedure.

INTER RAO UES - dynamic developed Electricity Company, controls a number of generation and distribution of energy assets in Russia and abroad. The gross installed capacity of power plants, be in ownership and under the leadership of INTER RAO UES, compose about 18 000 MW. The company has an investing activities, takes a dominant position in Russia in the sphere of export and import of electricity, is one of the largest generating companies in Russia.

REP Holding – is the Russian power plant industry holding, which realized engineering developments, production and integrated supplies of electrical and power generation equipment for O&G , metallurgical and chemical brunches of industry, for power plants and shipbuilding. Production, research-and-production and services companies are included into cast of Holding Company, among them such great enterprises of Saint –Petersburg as «ELECTROPULT PLANT », «NEVSKY ZAVOD », «Nevsky Metallurgical Plant » etc.

MS5002E – Hi-Tech turbine of rated power 32 MW the production of Cl. Co. REPH is made under license of GE Oil & Gas (Nuovo Pignone S.p.A.). It has a high efficiency 36%, a great resource work, a high level of maintainability, and improved environmental performance.

MS5002E – is the turbine of multipurpose utilization, it can be used in composition of gas pumping units, on the compressor stations of a gas main, в составе combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT plant) and in shipbuilding as an main propulsion machinery plant for ships and vessels.

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