19 May 2010

«REP Holding» made an official visit to the company «Semikron»

The official visit of the representatives of the «REP Holding» to the manufacturing enterprises of the company «Semikron», located in Nuremberg (Germany) and in Paris (France), was accomplished. The delegation included the Vice President of the Holding Company Mr. Alexey Shubin and the Director General of Close Co. «SPC «Shipping electric propulsion» Mr. Andrey Grigoriev.

The Company «Semikron» is a leading international manufacturer of semiconductor components and power modules for the assembly of converter equipment for various purposes. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the technology of the manufacturing and testing of power semiconductors devices and power modules, the monitoring of the process of implementation of treaty obligations, considering the possibility of strategic mutually beneficial partnership.

Nowadays «REP Holding» on the base of the modern semiconductor modules, which are manufactured by «Semikron» company, manufactures the pilot model of the ship semiconductor converter of new generation, which doesn’t have analogues in Russia. The field of application of the converter is a shipping system of the electric propulsion, the ship electric drive, including the thruster ship shaft-generator installations.

The representatives of the Holding visited the largest in Europe electrical-engineering exhibition on Power Electronics PCIM-2010 (in Nuremberg). On the exhibition bench of the enterprise «Semikron» a pilot model of the power semiconductor module of the converter, which is manufactured by the order of the Holding was presented.

During the visit, the meeting about the long-term contract between the company «Semikron» and «REP Holding» was held. Into the discussion the General Director of the company «Semikron», the plant directors, the chief designers and general managers were involved.

Mutually beneficial cooperation will allow the Holding to enter to the new level of the production of modern semiconductor converters and provide to the enterprise «Semikron» the additional sales market of their production.

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