19 March 2010

“REP Holding” is ready to manufacture the marine thrusters

In order to examine the design and manufacturing of the HV marine thrusters the delegation of “REP Holding” together with the representatives of the JSC “Shipbuilding Center “Zvezdochka” visited scientific and production association “VINT” (Moscow) and pilot plant “Vega” (Borovsk). The delegation of “REP Holding” included the representatives of CJSC “IEMET”, CJSC “Nevsky Zavod”, CJSC “Scientific&Production Centre” Shipping Electric Propulsion”. During the meeting in the production association “VINT” premises the question of the joint design and manufacturing of thrusters with the power more than 1000 kW was discussed. The meeting was attended by the director of production association “VINT” Mr. Lein A.F., the director of the pilot plant “Vega” Mr. Fayngerts L.E., general director of CJSC “SPC” Shipping Electric Propulsion” Mr. Grigorjev A.V.

In the afternoon the participants got acquainted with the industrial and technological base, visited the pilot production plant “Vega”. The pilot plant “Vega” is the manufacturer of the marine thrusters, the propellers of adjustable and fixed-pitch type, the sliding and folding propulsion steering wheel column.

In the evening guests got acquainted with the sights of the ancient Russian city Borovsk, where for a long time lived and worked in a county school as a teacher of arithmetic and geometry one of the greatest Russian scientist K.E. Tsiolkovsky.

It should be mentioned that the thrusters are used to improve the handling and dynamic positioning of small ducts almost in all modern ships. Currently the domestic manufacturers serially mastered the production of thrusters with frequency-controlled drive with the power less than 250 kW, which does not meet the needs of shipbuilding production. “REP Holding” is ready to supply for the domestic shipbuilding market the frequency controlled electric drive with the power 1000 kW or more to complete the set of thrusters.

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