30 March 2010

«REP Holding» production quality examination pushes the boundaries

One of the essential requirements when supplying equipment, produced on «REP Holding» enterprises, is the compliance of equipment with Russian and international quality standards requirements.

Integrated quality management and ecology management system functioning on Holding enterprises provides high quality of products and services.

CJSC «REPH» products quality control and assurance is performed in special subdivision of CJSC «Nevsky Zavod» – interplant laboratory of metrology, tests and control. Examination and records preparation for further decision of inspectors of technical control department are performed in this laboratory.

The laboratory provides control on three directions: metrological control (linear-angular and radio metering, thermo-physical metering, metrological examination of documentation), destructive (mechanical tests, metallographic examination, chemical and spectral analysis etc.) and non-destructive control of items (x-ray inspection, ultrasonic and capillary analysis etc.).

By the decision of the Holding management the laboratory was implemented with equipment from the world leading manufacturers (Japan, Germany, Swiss). Chemical laboratory, mechanical tests and non-destructive control laboratory were completely reequipped.

The result of development of new modern equipment is a sufficient improvement of examination and control quality. Thanks to implementation of new modern software the procedure of data archiving was developed; modern instruments made possible to completely eliminate inaccuracy of measurements, connected with human factor.

With the purpose of economical expenses optimization it is planned to found a mobile laboratory, where the main types of express-analysis will be performed: mechanical tests, magnetic particle and chemical analysis, x-ray examination, capillary and chemical control, capillary and ultrasonic control.

In March 2010 ARL3460 spectrometer was put into operation in interplant laboratory. This is an analytic equipment of new generation, which allows identifying chemical content of metal with accuracy up to the fourth symbol after comma. The instrument is manufactures by «Thermo Scientific» corporation (Switzerland), the world leader in manufacturing analytic equipment of this type, and is purchased under the «plan of re-equipment of enterprise with modern metrological, test and analytic equipment», approved by the President of CJSC «REPH» Gennady Lokotkov in 2008.

Analytic equipment with wide range of possibilities is almost the one in the North-West region and allows analyzing not only steel and cast iron properties, but also materials for manufacturing blades on nickel basis, alloys on copper and aluminum basis. The ARL3460 spectrometer allows identifying microalloying elements content, such as boron, cesium, zirconium, also such complex admixtures as stibium, selenium, arsenic, bismuth.

According to the Head of laboratory Alexander Brechko, having this equipment, the laboratory can fully ensure metal chemical analysis needs of the Holding enterprises.

«In our further plans we have installation of Zwick company (Germany) equipment for metal mechanic characteristics determination (toughness and viscosity) – Z250 testing machine and RKP450 copra. Now the modernization of x-ray laboratory is being carried out, and after the reconditioning the Extravolt-450 x-ray flaw detector will be installed, that allows to control weld seams of 105 mm thickness», - reported Alexander Brechko.

As mentioned Michael Filippov, the Director of Quality Management Department, - «implementation of new laboratory equipment is not an end in itself, not the replacement of worn out and obsolete instruments, this is the new level of products quality control and meeting the most rigid requirements of customers. Implementation of the new instrumentation is of current interest in connection with implementation of projects under license agreement with GE – manufacturing of MS5002E turbine and S2M magnetic levitations».

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