24 February 2010

«REP Holding» has updated the product line

CJSC «Nevsky Zavod» an affiliated enterprise of «REP Holding», is one of the leading Russian power engineering enterprises. «Nevsky Zavod» more than 75 years is a developer and manufacturer of power engineering products – the gas and steam turbines, the centrifugal and axial compressors, the blowers.

«Nevsky Zavod» today – is a modern industrial complex, which operates on the world market of power engineering and adopts the production of innovative production. An example of innovative production is a newly manufactured centrifugal compressor of type 400-21-1C.

Since 2008 «Nevsky Zavod» started the development and the production of new types of compressors of type 400-21-1C. The natural gas compressor is intended to operate in the gas transportation system of JSC «Gazprom», in accordance with the project «The system of main gas pipelines «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta». The compressor 400-21-1C is used for pumping of gas through main pipelines in the scope of the gas compressor unit (GPU) with the power 32 MW. The drive of the compressor - the gas turbine with the power 32 MW, which was produced by «Nevsky Zavod» under the license of GE Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone company.

Forged case of the compressor 400-21-1C allows to modify this unit, depending on customer requirements. So for the reconstruction of the project of the compressor station Vavozhskaya by «Gazprom transgaz Tchaikovsky» Ltd. compressor of type 400-21-1C with the interchangeable flow part 400IFP1.38/76-32C was developed, for the reconstruction of the project of the compressor station Gryazovets by «Gazprom transgaz Ukhta» Ltd. was developed the compressor of type 400-21-1C with interchangeable flow part 400 IFP1.44/76-32C. The differences between the compressor 400-21-1C modifications are the usage of the geometry different flow parts , which provides the required customer parameters of flow rate and compression of gas.

The blowers, which are produced by «Nevsky Zavod», favorably differ from the similar products because of their forged cases. Unlike the casting the forged case allows you to work with larger final pressure, has the resources and allows to exchange the replacement parts of the compressor at the site of the unit installation.

Up to the moment, the first two compressors are manufactured, tested and shipped to the customers.

«REP Holding» provides complex supply of power equipment that increases the resource of the supplied units and not allow them to be out of service. An example of the complex supply can be the gas pumping unit GPU-32 «Ladoga», which was developed for the project «The system of the main gas pipelines «Bovanenkovo – Ukhta» of JSC «Gazprom». The GPU-32 «Ladoga» supplies in the following scope:

  • gas turbine MS5002E;
  • centrifugal compressor of type- 400-21-1C;
  • control and management system of the power machines;
  • filter housing (FH);
  • power supply system;
  • control and measuring devices.

One of the most important requirements for the supply of equipment, which are produced by «REP Holding» is its compliance with Russian and international quality standards.

At the enterprises «REP Holding» the high quality of the production and services is provided by the integrated quality management and environmental system. Compliance of the IMS with the requirements of international and Russian standards, as well as with the corporate standards of JSC «Gazprom» in the quality and the environment is confirmed by certificates issued by major independent certification bodies: «Test-St.-Petersburg», the Association «Petrosert», The International Certification Network IQNet , a member of the International Accreditation Forum IAF - Association SINCERT.

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