4 March 2014

Nevskiy Zavod has been Awarded with a Medal in Honor of "the 70th Anniversary of Complete Liberation of Leningrad from the Fascist Blockade "

On February 17, 2014 in Smolny held was the presentation of commemorative medals of the city to the enterprises that worked in besieged Leningrad.

In the course of the solemn ceremony the Governor of St Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko handed out to Nevskiy Zavod and its veterans a desktop Medal and commemorative signs "In Honor of the 70-th Anniversary of the Complete Liberation of Leningrad from the Fascist Blockade”. Together with Director General of Nevskiy Zavod Plant, Alexey Popkov, the veterans of the Plant - residents of besieged Leningrad - Abramova Valentina Ivanovna and Novoseltsev Valery Danilovich - received the awards.

"Presenting this award, we pay tribute to the memory of all those who labored in the besieged city, bringing our victory. The enterprises which will receive the award today, are well known to every resident of our city. It is owing to these people that our city was living during the siege: trams were running, museums working, factories producing arms for the front and civilian goods," - said Georgy Poltavchenko.

Also, put forward for a decoration were such famous enterprises of the city as "Electrosila" Plant named after S.M. Kirova, Leningrad Metal Plant, Kirovsky Zavod Plant, Steel-Making Plant "Bolshevik", Leningrad Tram-Trolleybus Administration, Izhorsky Zavod Plant, Dairy Plant No. 1, Leningrad Mint and other enterprises that continued their work in besieged Leningrad.

"As one of the enterprises that have received this award, we are overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and infinite appreciation of the feat performed by our veterans working at the plants and factories of besieged Leningrad. We take pride in working at Nevskiy Zavod, the enterprise that made a major contribution not only to the industry development but also to the heroic history of our city and the whole country. Having shown incredible courage, resilience and strength of mind, the Nevskiy Zavod workers, along with all the participants of the war, were able to maintain the power and independence of our Motherland, for which we would like to tell them sincerely, once again, thank you so much!” - General Director of "Nevskiy Zavod” Closed Company pointed out.


During the war Nevskiy Zavod did not stop its work, manufacturing parts for air bombs; set up was mass production of shells, repaired were tanks that were released out of the Plant gate to drive immediately to the front line. All the strength and power of Nevskiy Zavod were directed to the fight with the enemy and defense of the native city. The workers that remained in besieged Leningrad performed a variety of work: they loaded peat, dug trenches in cemeteries, shipped products on Lake Ladoga, stored up wood. In July 1941 Nevskiy Zavod received the order for the parts to air bombs, followed which the mass production of shells was mastered at the plant within two weeks. The machine tools were working around the clock, releasing continuously the products to the front. Starting from May 1942, production of shells for rocket launchers - the legendary "Katyusha” - was set up. In 1944, after the siege of Leningrad was lifted, Nevskiy Zavod received the order for civilian products, and all efforts were aimed at restoring the country's iron and steel industry.

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