11 November 2009

The Installation of new machines MILLTURN and SKODA

REP Holding purchased new unique machines. Among them, three Austrian turning-drilling-milling with CNC machining center MILLTURN (M40/2000, M120/3000, M150/5000) by enterprise WFL and Czech horizontal boring and milling machine SKODA HCW2-200NC 4 / 13 by enterprise Skoda Machine Tool.

MILLTURN machine is designed to handle solid parts as turbine shafts, compressor shafts, also the discs and other complex parts.

The uniqueness of the machining center MILLTURN is that the machine performs the actions of three separate machines - turning, drilling, milling - with a precise treatment. In tool magazine of the machine can be up to 120 processing tools, that provides an opportunity to create diverse in forms, tasks and complexity of the part rotation.

MILLTURN is able to handle complex parts up to 5000 mm, with a maximum diameter of workpiece over headstock up to 1510 mm.

SKODA HCW2-200NC 4 / 13 with a control system Siemens Sinumerik 840 has the rotating and moving desktop 3,5 x3, 5, and tool magazine of the chain-type for 60 tools ISO 50.

The automated work of the machine centers MILLTURN and horizontal boring-milling machine SKODA HCW2-200NC significantly increases productivity labor, and the quality of produced parts.

The specialists of the Holding Company for preliminary and final acceptance have been selected test samples (MILLTURN M120/3000 - «turbine shaft 449.025.02 and MILLTURN M150/5000 -«Turbine wheel 220.025.02 "), which are fully processed on these machines.

From December 2009 on the machining centers and MILLTURN SKODA HCW2-200NC will begin production of components for the plant "Ladoga 32".

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