13 November 2009

REPH developing shipbuilding

On 10th of November 2009 took place business meeting of the following companies: REPH, Ship-repair Center “Zvezdochka”, Research and manufacturing association “Vint” and North Center of Shipbuilding and Ship-repair.

Vladimir Nikitin, General Director of Ship-repair Center “Zvezdochka”, and Andrey Lein, research and manufacturing association “Vint” parent branch director, visited “Nevsky Zavod” and “ELECTROPULT Plant” enterprises, where manufacturing capacities of the plant were demonstrated. During the visit to ELECTROPULT special attention was given to electric room equipment and semiconductor frequency converters manufacturing. Technical level and manufacturing organization on Holding enterprises created a good impressions with the guests.

After excursion took place REPH presentation and business meeting, held by Vice-President Igor Starinkov. Vasiliy Spirin, General Director of “ELECTROPULT Plant” and Andrey Grigoryev, General Director of SPC “Shipping Electric Propulsion” took part in the meeting. Items of joint participation in manufacture and packaged supplies of equipment for vessels, constructed on Russian yards, were discussed. Hereafter by successful cooperation development it is possible to organize joint manufacture of power equipment for vessel propulsion complexes, including electric propulsion systems. One of the most perspective directions in cooperation is joint manufacture of azimuthing thruster.

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