30 June 2009

“REP Holding" in the ranks of the best at the exhibition "Oil and Gas- 2009 "

At the 23-26th of June was arranged the X anniversary exhibition "Oil and Gas 2009”(Moscow, Expocenter) This year the exhibition was attended by more than 1000 Russian and foreign companies, more than 30000 people visited it, and more than 25000 m2 were built by the stands. The exhibition was organized by the International exhibition company “ITE Group Plc”, with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia.

“REP Holding" participates at this exhibition already for the fifth time.

On the stand was presented the innovation production of “REP Holding”. The great interest aroused the gas pumping unit of a new generation of 32 MW "Ladoga-32", which is produced on Nevsky Plant under the license and technology of the company GE Oil & Gas (Nuovo Pignone S.p.A).

People were attracted by its high efficiency, ability to work in conditions of any complexity, low environmental emissions and the relatively small size.

Along with this turbine, the visitors of the stand were interested in our own design - gas-pumping unit with the capacity of 16 MW gas with turbine drive GTRN-16 with power of 16 MW.

The main advantage for people, who are interested in this machine is that it is suitable to replace the old population of machines of the gas transmission company-10, with the power 10 MW. The customer needn’t change the foundation and rebuild the building, but at the same time instead of the previous 10 MW the customer obtains 16 MW, which greatly simplifies modernization.

The electric gas pumping unit was presented on the stand this machine is - a unit of its own design with the electric motor drive. The first unit was installed on the gas pipeline "Yamal-Europe”, the compressor station "Smolenskaya ", where it successfully operates. All these units were presented in the mock-ups and posters.

The rest of the production: steam and gas turbines, axial and centrifugal compressors and blowers, transformers, control systems, panels, switchgears, block-boxes, and other are presented in the new catalogs of the production.

Our stand was attended by more than 600 people – the experts in the field of oil and gas. Several technical meetings were held, several contracts and agreements were signed, new contacts were obtained, which in future may become lucrative contracts.

In the following year, “REP Holding” is planning to participate again in the exhibition "Oil and Gas - 2010".

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