30 June 2009

St. Petersburg company CJSC "REP Holding" has proved the benefits of application of the GPU-32 "Ladoga" for objects of OJSC «Gazprom».

Today, on the 30th June 2009 was signed a contract between CJSC "REP Holding" and OJSC “Gazprom” for the supply of 19 gas-pumping "Ladoga" to the objects of OAO Gazprom, the total sum of the contract is 14 billion 970 million rubles, excluding VAT.

GPU-32 "Ladoga" – is a technologically advanced product in terms of production capacity and technologies. This machine is a stationary unit the performance of Class 32 MW, was generated under the license of the Italian turbine, this is the machine of new generation MS5002E, which is intended for the operating conditions of any complexity, with high efficiency (36%) and low emissions (NOx = 18 ppm), the long service life , and a good maintainability.

Under the contract, the first three gas-pumping units "Ladoga" will be supplied in the IV quarter of 2009 to the compressor stations “Vavozhskaya” and "Gryazovets" within the frame of the station reconstruction.

Next 16 machines are intended for installation at the compressor stations of the building main gas pipeline "Bovanenkovo - Ukhta: The compressor station-6" Intinskaya", the compressor station-7" Sininskaya ", the compressor station -8" Chikshinskaya ", the compressor station -9" “Maloperanskaya”. 12 will be delivered in the III - IV quarter of 2010, and the remaining 4 machines - in the I quarter of 2011

The implementation of this project for REP Holding is made possible due to reconstruction and modernization of the holding enterprises. The total sum of the investment of the Holding Company to the production reconstruction and reorganization is approximately 5,5 billion rubles., 2.2 billion rubles were intended to organize the production of turbine MS5002E.

The release of the machines GPU-32 "Ladoga" is carried out by the Holding enterprises: CJSC " Nevsky Zavod ", JSC "Elektropult Plant ", CJSC " K-Energo, LLC "Elektropult-Systema" in cooperation with Russia's enterprises JSC NPO "Iskra" and LLC "Iskra-Turbogaz”.

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