4 May 2009

OJSC “Plant Electropult” is the partner of Italian businessmen.

On the 30th of April OJSC “Plant Electropult” received the delegation of the young manufacturers and businessmen from Italy.

The visit of Italian delegation “Young Businessmen” (up to 35 years) took place in Russia from the 25th of April to the 3d of May, this meeting was arranged by Italian company European House-Ambrosetti, with the assistance of the Embassy of Italy in Moscow and with the cooperation of the League of the international youth diplomacy.

The Italian participants were interested to visit one of the enterprises of the CJSC “REP Holding”, the company management was pleased to receive the delegation of 25 persons on the site of the JSC “Plant Electropult”. The Italian delegation was presented by young top managers and industrialists of the Italian manufacturing and service enterprises, as for the Russian part, it was presented by The Director General of the JSC “Plant Electropult” Vasiliy Spirin (33 years). It seemed, that all the participants of the meeting spoke the same language – the language of the young, successful leaders.

Within the framework of the visit Vasiliy Spirin showed the Italian colleagues the achievements of our industry – to conduct the presentation and the excursion around the enterprise. OJSC “Plant Electropult” is the object of great interest of visitors of Saint-Petersburg and Russia, because the equipment, technology and people, who work here, create the industrial enterprise of the international level. A lot of visitors from The USA, Japan, Germany and other were received by our enterprise.

As for the results, all the participants of the meeting were completely satisfied: the Italian part understood that the production in Russia is on the international level and even a bit higher, as for the Russian colleagues, they managed to be of interest to their Italian businessmen.

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