23 April 2009

«LADOGA-32» - modern unit for constructing of compressor plant for gas line

At 23 of April took place the scientific and technological meeting on realization of project on retrofitting the gas main «Bovanankovo-Ukhta », OAO Gasprom general supplier of which one is Cl. Co. REPH.

At business meeting, which took place in central office of Cl. Co. «REPH», participates the representatives of R&D institutes, designers, engineers and utility, as those: OAO Gasprom, ООО «Gasprom transgas Ukhta», ООО «Gasprom transgas Tchaikovsky». NPO«Iskra», ООО «Giprspetsgas», employees of Cl. Co. «REPH», and affiliated companies: Cl. Co. «Nevsky Zavod», Cl. Co. «IEMET», JSC « ELECTROPULT plant», Cl. Co.«Electropult -system», ЗАО «Electropult Engendering» and others.

The matter of meeting to discussed been consideration and final matching of technical issues for gas-compressor plant ГПА-32 MW, the design of centrifugal compression machine type of 400-21-1С, milestones for fulfillment of units design at CS gas main « Bovanankovo-Ukhta », CS «Gryazovets» ООО « Gasprom transgas Ukhta » and CS «Vavozhskay» « Gasprom transgas Tchaikovsky », where it will be installed first three units.

Basic elements in novice gas-compressor plant would be new turbine of MS5002E (license for production and sales is purchased of GE Oil & Gas (Nuovo Pignone S.p.a)), which would be manufactured on the production facilities of Cl. Co. «REPH» under brand of «LADOGA -32».

During the meeting the management of Cl. Co. «REPH» confirmed, that CS «Gryazovets» CS and «Vavozhskay» units would be produced and supplied in the 4-th quarter of 2009 Y.

In frames of business meeting was arranged the visit of Nevsky Zavod production facilities, where participants can see the changes, which occur since of they last visit– installed the new fleet of machine tools Tos Varnsdorf, Okuma, Mori Seiko production lines were put into operation for blades production.

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