3 April 2009

Gas-compressor unit – fusion of science, technology and production.

At 2-d of April took place the research-and-technology meeting for realization of «Ladoga» 32 MW power gas-compressor unit. The General Supplier of which one for JSC «GAZPROM» is Closed Co. «REPH». (Closed Co. «REPH». 51, let. AF, Obukhovskoy Oborony pr., Saint-Petersburg, 192029)

In business meeting participated the representatives of R&D companies, designers, engineers and delegates of operating organization, such as: ОАО «GAZPROM» ООО «GAZPROMTRANSGAS UKHTA », ООО «GAZPROMTRANSGAS Tchaikovsky». NPO «ISKRA», ООО «Giprospetsgaz», сотрудники Closed Co. «REPH» employees and affiliated companies: JSC «Nevsky Zavod», Close Co. «IEMET», JSC « ELECTROPULT PLANT », Close Co.«ELECTROPULT -Система», Close Co.«ELECTROPULT engineering» and others.

Business meeting topics for discussions has become finalizing of negotiation of projects gas-compressor plants for compressor stations of gas main «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta», compressor stations «Gryazivets» OOO «GAZPROMTRANSGAS UKHTA » and compressor stations «Vavozhskay» « GAZPROMTRANSGAS Tchaikovsky », where would be installed first three units.

In gas-compressor unit «LADOGA» applied the licensed gas turbine MS5002E (General Electric Nuovo Pignone) and natural gas booster type of Н 400, engineering and production of Closed Co. «Nevsky Zavod ».

On the meeting the management of Closed Co. «REPH» gave confirmation concern units for compressor stations «Gryazivets» & «Vavozhskay» that they will be produced and supplied in 4-th Quarter of 2009Y.

Within limits of meeting was arranged excursion on JSC «Nevsky Zavod», where participant s can oversee repaired and upgrade new production lines for blades, new machining center modules.

Meeting participants able to see repaired and modernize production facilities of «NZL» - the new fabrication line on manufacturing of blades and nozzles, treating of casings parts and rotor components.

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