26 November 2008

The Successfull manages is the base of the company success.

On the 16th of October 2008 the president of the “REP Holding” Lokotkov Gennadiy Ivanovich won the 1st prize of the independent business competition “The awards “The chief of the year 2008” in the nomination “The chief – the break through the year” (in the subgroup manufacture).

The winners were defined by the expert council, which consists of the heads of the most important media-channels and the business Mass Media, the leaders of the educational business institutions and the chiefs of the branch business corporations.

The main criteria for the nominees’ estimation were the special deserts of the chief of the company in the management of the commercial enterprise, the ability to widespread the advanced experience of the management, the reinforcement of the business reputation of the company, the leader qualities, and also the managerial skill, professionalism, experience and the creativity of the leader.

The victory of Gennadiy Ivanovich Lokotkov in such kind of the competition is not fortuity, because all his activity is the example of the purposeful and direct way to the intended aim – the creation of the modern, strong and reliable Russian Power Plant Engineering Holding. The activity of this is directed to the complex realization of the power projects in such strategy important for Russia branches of industry as the gas, the oil, the metallurgic and even the field power.

Over a period of 2007-2008 it was:

  • built more than 40000 sq. m of new working area, overhauled more than 9000 sq. m of office spaces,
  • laid more than 50 km of constructional cables,
  • modernized more than 10000 sq. m of surrounding grounds
  • a sports complex was built (2 stadiums with artificial turf, locker rooms, shower rooms),
  • 33 units of new modern machines and multiuniversal machines were bought,
  • 23 machines were overhauled and put on stream,
  • the license of GE for manufacture of 32 mW turbine was token up,
  • contracted to the amount of more than 6 bln of rubles.

Nowadays the Holding is a close-knit team of high skilled executives, engineers and manpower.

According to the business-tender «The Chief of the Year» organizers, «the award is important, because it draws attention of mainstream audience to the most successful headers, whose efficient activity is a perfect example for those people, who looks forward not only to be a successful leader, but goes for acquiring a fortune in all things».

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