12 November 2008

The first machines of the serial manufacturing

The two compressors 385-21-1 were successfully tested by REP-Holding, these machines are used for serial production in a set of gas-pumping unit (GPU) ГТНР-16 for power of 16 MW. These compressors for natural gas are intended for gas compression and transportation along the gas-main pipeline «SRTO-Torzhok» on the compressor station “Sindor”, Limited Co. “Gasprom transgas Ykhta”.

The both compressors were tested over a customer and they complied with all required engineering factors, which were applied in the requirements specification. The compressor 385-21-1 is a new machine, which was designed only by the engineers of the Closed Co. “IEMET” and was manufactured on the Holdings’ enterprises.

According the words of vice-president, the chief designer Shaidak Boris Pavlovich: “Our main advantage is the high reliability and quality, the modern level of the economy of our turbines, compressors, and the compressor 385-21-1 is a really good example, which can prove of the words above.”

The produced compressor is in accordance with the requirements of Russian market for the gas transportation and pumping into the repository.

The Closed Co. “REP Holding” – is the Russian leader in the area of the set supplies of the power equipment for gas- and oil-producing industry, also in the area of complex solutions for traditional and atomic power engineering.

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