20 October 2008

СПЧ (Replacement flow passage) for ООО “Gazprom Transgaz Volga” has been tested at “NZL”

The replacement flow passage (СПЧ) for the 235 compressor passed the tests successfully at the site of “NZL” in the second decade of October.

СПЧ have been produced at Nevsky Zavod for more than 15 years already. The first flow passages were supplied to the line stations of “Mostransgaz”. More than 125 pieces have been manufactured all in all from the starting point of СПЧ production. The unfailing quality of NZL products keeps up the steady demand for these products. And the last tests have confirmed this.

СПЧ is a replacement flow passage of the compressor, its heart - the main mechanism that bears the overall load on compressing and transmitting gas. Nevsky Zavod compressors are designed so that it is possible to extend considerably the life time of the compressor by replacing the СПЧ.

The flow passage that is operating now at “Gazprom Transgaz Volga” has not yet exhausted its working life, but as the operating parameters of the station have changed, the СПЧ is to be replaced so that the operation of the whole station will be more efficient and economical. Whereas the pressure ratio that was required earlier was 1.44, now the required pressure ration is 1.32, which is provided after the replacement. In so doing the polytropic efficiency remains the same – 83%.

According to Vladimir K. Yun, Head of the Compressor Research and Design Department, “Modernization of the operating compressor by means of replacement flow passages is the most efficient and economically beneficial for the Customer”

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