13 October 2008

Unique Units for Tomsk Citizens

In the first decade of October tested were two unique machines developed and manufactured within 1 year specially for ООО “Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk”.

It is for the first time that on the test bench of “Nevskiy zavod” Closed company fully oilless and gearless machines have been tested. One year has passed from the beginning of the design to the completion of the tests. For the time being today two machines of this type have been manufactured already, and both of them have passed successfully the tests witnessed by the Customer ООО “Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk”.

The Main Technical Characteristics of these machines:

Name of parameterValue
Capacity referred to 20 °С and 0.1013 MPa, MMCMD12.5
Capacity referred to the initial conditions, m3/min220
Final gas pressure, abs., at the outlet of the discharge branch pipe, MPa4.41
Pressure ratio1.26
Polytropic efficiency0.85
Power consumed by the compressor, kW3800
Gas pressure, abs., at the inlet of the suction branch pipe, MPa3.5
Gas temperature at the inlet of the suction branch pipe of the compressor, °С15
Gas density referred to 20 °С and 0.1013 MPa, kg/m30.76
Compressor rotor speed, rpm8200
Working speed range, % of the nominal value.70?105

Packaged supply by Close Co. “REPH”: the machines have been designed by Close Co. “IPM&E”, the compressor casing have been manufactured by “Nevsky Metallurgical Plant” LLC, the flow passages - by CC “NZL”, high-frequency electric motor – by “Siemens – Electroprivod” LLC., converters – by JSC “ELECTROPULT Plant”, magnetic bearings – co-production with “S2M” , control system – by “Electropult – Sistema” LLC.

Unique features of the compressor:

  • Application of magnetic bearings with the air cooling system and dry gas seals makes it possible to do completely without oil system;
  • The unified casing makes it possible to replace the “basic” package of the compressor by a package with two compression stages, which increases the pressure ratio from 1.4 to 1.7;
  • Gearless variable drive from the el. motor makes it possible to control the gas dynamic characteristics.

The tests have fully confirmed the performance capabilities of the compressor declared in the Performance Specification. Moreover, some indicators, e.g. those of vibration, proved to be better than those specified in the Performance Specification.

According to Boris P. Shaydak, Director General of “IPM&E”, “The implementation of this project is a new step forward in the development of the machine-building; this unit will increase considerably the efficiency and economy of gas - pumping stations”.

The whole unit: compressor, el. motor, converters, control systems – will be tested at the test bench of Close Co. “REPH” on the site of JSC “ELECTROPULT Plant”. This test bench makes it possible to simulate the field conditions of the compressor station.

The first four electrically driven gas-pumping units will be installed at CS “Volodino”, ООО “Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk”.

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