10 October 2008

New Products for the Old Customer

On September 29, 2008 the ТКА 4200/19 turbo-compressor unit was shipped from “Neskiy zavod” Closed company to Metallurgical Integrated Plant named after Iljich (ОАО “ММК named after Iljich”, Mariuplol, Ukraine)

The Metallurgical Integrated Plant is a long-standing customer for Nevsky Zavod products. More than 70 units have been supplied to its production shops since the 50-ies. During the years of their operation they proved their reliability and high economical and life-time indices.

Today Close Co. “REPH”, having united the production, research-and-design and service enterprises and organizations, offers the Customer packaged supply of power equipment:

ТКА 4200/19 – the turbo-compressor unit comprising К-19 steam turbine, К-5500 centrifugal compressor and automatic control system (AMCS) – is designed to supply compressed air to a blast furnace.

This unit features improved performance, high environmental indicators, an advanced automatic governing system. The compressor design employs a welded casing.

The components of the power equipment have been manufactured at the Holding enterprises:

  • Casing parts and forgings for the compressor and the turbine – at “Nevsky Metallurgical Plant” Ltd Co.
  • Steam turbine and centrifugal compressor –at “Neskiy zavod” Closed company
  • Control and distribution boards – at JSC “ELECTROPULT Plant”
  • Control system (AMCS) – “Electropult – System” Ltd. Co.

Taking into account that Russian companies are interested in purchasing reliable and high-quality Russian products, we assure that Close Co. “REPH” is ready to develop business cooperation on a long-term basis in the field of packaged supply of power equipment.

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