8 September 2008

New production line had been finished : Japanese and Czech benches are in line …

In the first decade of September have been arrived 5 benches of Okuma Japanese Company for production facilities of Closed Co «Nevsky Zavod» (Cl.Co. «NZL»). Those benches are finalized shopping to GT blades production line. All line consists of seven benches, purchased with fitting-outs. First of two bench are already installed in production shop №6 и in the earliest possible timeframe they will be put into operation.

Unique blades production line enables to clip substantially manpower effort (3-4 times) clip manpower effort s in blades procedure and accordingly shorten time of manufacturing process.

Also in production shop №6 of Cl.Co. «NZL» has been shipped horizontal boring machine of Czech firm - TOS Warnsdorf 110 Q with spindle diameter - 110 mm. first sample of such bench was delivered in august ; mounting, commissioning of second bench prolonged during 2,5 months, at the end of commissioning it would be proceed representatives parts treating.

That is new generation benches, as they have NC programming blocks. Also in comparison with the «forerunner» more modern and high speed tools can be used on it, which has high precession and output rate. Czech benches under they technical feasibility optimal for our production missions.

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