11 August 2008

Modern Machine Tools are a Pledge of High-Quality Production

In the beginning of the first decade of August, 2008 a new VarnsDorf CNC horizontal boring machine was delivered to Shop 83 (governing system assemblies shop). This machine is designed for machining sophisticated casing components. The representatives of the Supplier will perform pre-commissioning work from August, 15 till the end of September: tested will be the machine geometry, idle running, machining of master parts.

By the most conservative estimate, this machine will make it possible to reduce twice the labor expenditures of machining compared with the existing technology of the general-purpose machines.

First, a CNC machine is more advanced and high-speed. Second, it makes it possible to use more advanced and high-speed tools of higher accuracy and efficiency. This machine is an optimum solution to the tasks set for the production: machining of sophisticated governing system assemblies, milling of the compressor machines discs.

Alongside with the arrival of the new equipment the pre-commissioning of the machines earlier delivered is underway at Nevsky Zavod. Thus, in Shop 6 installed have been two OKUMA machines, and the adjusters have started the final stage of the starting work: the programs and technologies for the machining of gas turbine blades are being refined. It should be noted that the machines have been acquired as a package, i.e. with the required tools and production technology for standard blades. Seven OKUMA machines will be engaged in the blade production department, the remaining 5 machines will be delivered to the Works by the end of August.

This machining system will make it possible to obtain, as a result, a fully finished blade. The machining system includes three types of machines: preparation of the locating surfaces, preliminary machining and finishing. Throughout September the Supplier will perform the pre-commissioning work, and the “NZL” employees will carry out preproduction work. In October the manufacture of blades for GTNR-16 gas turbine will start. These machines will replace to a large extent the general-purpose machines of Shop 2 (blade production) and will increase at least twice the productivity and reduce the number and duration of production cycles due to reducing 3 – 4-fold the number of operations.

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