4 August 2008

Modular substations have won the recognition of northerners

On Friday, August 01, 2008 Close Co. “REPH” was visited by a delegation from the city of Polyarnyje Zori with the Head of the Municipal Formation Nikolay N. Goldobin as its Chief.

The purpose of this visit was multi-aspect: first of all, the administration expressed their gratitude to the management of Close Co. “REPH” for prompt delivery of the modular substation to the city of Polyarnyje Zori when there occurred a power failure in the city. According to Nikolay N Goldobin “owing to the prompt delivery of the substation we managed to clear the consequences of the power interruption within the shortest time and to resume the power supply to the people in the “normal mode”.

Secondly, the administration of Polyarnyje Zori put forward a number of interesting projects related to the production development on the Kola Peninsula on very favorable terms. Boris P. Shaydak, Vice-President, Principal Designer of Close Co. “REPH”, said that “all the suggestions will be studied carefully and after that the final decision will be taken as to participation in these projects”.

As a whole, the participants of the meeting believe in the positive results of the negotiations that will not keep waiting for them long.

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