4 July 2008

A new machine is born at Close Co. “REPH” within a year

On the 3rd of July the new Н 385-21-13 compressor passed successfully the tests at the test stand of “Nevskiy zavod” Closed company (an enterprise incorporated into Close Co. “REPH”).

The development of this unit started a year ago when “NZL” became incorporated into the Holding. One year has passed from the start of the development to the successful test of the machine at the test stand.

The tests of the 385-21-1 compressor at the test stand of Shop No.8 (cell No.3) have been a success. This unit rated at 16 MW is designed for transmission of natural gas on the gas trunk lines and is delivered as part of the gas pumping unit GTNR-16 for ООО “Gazprom Transgas Ukhta”.

As it has been provided for in the performance specification, the polytropic efficiency of the compressor is at the level of 85%, and it is not limited to this. After the flow passage has been debugged, the polytropic efficiency is expected to rise to 86%. The flow passage has been developed on the basis of the “Optimum” model stage where the impellers are provided with a three-row cascade, which guarantees a more flat gas dynamic characteristic. The flow passage of the 385-21-1 compressor is equipped with vaned diffusers which have certain advantages over vaneless diffusers.

The compressors of this type that will follow are planned to be equipped with dry gas dynamic seals for GTNR-16М which is a machine of a new generation. After the flow passage has been debugged and the manufacturing process technology has been worked through the compressor will be produced on a serial basis.

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