9 June 2008

Н-47-71-1 Compressor Passed the Tests Successfully

On the 6th of June the new 47-71-16 compressor passed the tests successfully on the test stand of “Nevskiy zavod” Closed Company. This compressor is part of the gas pumping unit ГПА -4 РМ and it will be supplied to Kaluzhsky underground gas storage (ПХГ) where it will operate together with gas turbine engine ГТД-4РС.

This compressor is one of the latest developments of Close Co. “REP Holding” that has already given a good account of itself. It differs in design from those developed and manufactured earlier in a forged barrel type casing with branch pipes, guiding elements that maintain alignment during operation. The flow passage and the running gear are united into a package arranged in the casing boring and fixed with 6-segments of the thrust ring, which provides good maintainability of the compressor and better strength properties compared with the bolted joint.

The functional feature of 47-71-1 compressor is high gas output pressure, compactness and high efficiency (polytropic efficiency no lower than 80%).

The unit has passed successfully through the entire test program on the test stand of “Nevskiy zavod” and reached the specified technical parameters.

The second unit of this type will be shipped by Close Co. “REP Holding” in the third quarter of 2008 .

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