12 May 2008

Close Co. “REP Holding” re-equips the Steam-and-Air Station (ПВС) for blast furnaces NN 3,4,5 of JSC “Novolipetsky Metallurgicheskiy Kombinat” (Novolipetsk Iron-and-Steel Integrated Plant)

In the first decade of May, 2008 the contract for package supply of three turbo-compressor units (ТКА) for Novolipetsk Iron-and-Steel Integrated Plant was signed. Within the frames of full-scale reconstruction of Novolipetsk Iron-and-Steel Integrated Plant Close Co. “REP Holding” implements the project for reconstruction of the Steam-and-Air Station (ПВС) for blast furnaces NN 3, 4 and 5 of the Plant.

It is during a few years that the Plant Management has been looking for an optimal technical solution to replace the existing fleet of machines. As a result, the units produced by Close Co. “REP Holding”, economically efficient, reliable and meeting the Customer’s requirements as to their size, have been selected.

This project will become another package supply by Close Co. “REP Holding”: the development of detail design, manufacture of three ТКА К-5500-41-1М driven by К-22-90-2М steam turbine, quality control system and air-cleaning device will be implemented by he Holding based on internal cooperation of the enterprises incorporated in the Holding – JSC ”ELECTROPULT Plant”, CC “NZL”, Close Co. “Electropult-Engineering” and other subsidiary and joint companies.

More than 60 units under “NZL” brand are in operation at the Novolipetsk Iron-and-Steel Integrated Plant. The first deliveries of the equipment began in the 50-ies of the last century, the latest deliveries of the turbo-compressor units were effected more than 9 years ago. Therefore this contract has become an important stage in the renewal of the long-standing partnership relationship with the Iron-and-Steel Integrated Plant.

The advantage of the modern К-5500 units consists in their high capacity (up to 5200 m3/min) and simple service, which has been achieved as a result of certain changes in the flow passage and other assemblies. The turbo-compressor units which will be manufactured for the Novolipetsk Iron-and-Steel Integrated Plant will replace the existing fleet of the units under “NZL” brand.

Close Co. “REP Holding” offers complex solutions for various industries: design and manufacture of new projects on a turnkey basis, as well as modernization of the units that have worked out their service life. egrated Plant)

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