8 May 2008

Close Co. “REP Holding” modernizes blast-furnace blast at JSC “Azovstal”

In March, 2008, within the frames of complex modernization of the production facilities, JSC “Azovstal” (Ukraine, Mariupol) put into operation the turbo-compressor unit (ТКА) consisting of centrifugal compressor К-5500-42-1 and steam turbine drive К-19 manufactured at the enterprises of Close Co. “REPHolding”

JSC “Azovstal” and “Nevskiy zavod” Closed company are linked together by long-term mutually beneficially relationship: more than 45 machines under “NZL” brand have been operating at this integrated plant for more than 50 years. Being aware of the traditional high quality of “NZL” brand and its new opportunities to offer package supply of the products as part of Close Co. “REP Holding”, the iron-and-steel integrated plant “Azovstal” has selected these turbo-compressor units for modernization of its production facilities.

This turbo-compressor is designed to compress and supply air enriched with oxygen to the blast furnace, capacity – 4200 m3/min., power 19 MW. Having operated for 72 hours, the turbine passed successfully the tests at JSC “Azovstal”, reached the required parameters, having thus confirmed its conformity to the technical requirements of the Customer. The machine was sanctified after it had been accepted.

This machine is the first step on the path to the modernization of the production facilities of the iron-and-steel integrated plant: JSC “Azovstal” did not renew its production facilities during the last 8 years, therefore the commissioning of the TKA has became a bright event for “Azovstal”.

Within the frames of the planned reconstruction of the iron-and-steel integrated plant one more similar machine will be manufactured by the end of 2008. Now this machine has been put into production at the Holding enterprises: AMCS is manufactured at JSC “ELECTROPULT Plant”, and the turbine and compressor – at CC “NZL”.

The Holding enterprises, using the opportunities of the internal cooperation which makes it possible to reduce the production costs, manufacture TKA for various industries, including metallurgy.

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