30 April 2008

«REP Holding» expands its market to the East

In the third decade of March Close Co. “REP Holding” signed contract with Indian Steel Company for supply of the turbo-compressor unit consisting of К-4950 and steam turbine К-25.

This contract was won in the Tender in the end of 2007. Various companies from Japan, China, Czechia and Russia participated in the Tender. Some companies dropped out of the Tender at the stage of the technical presentation of the projects, because their offers did not meet the Customer’s technical requirements.

Axial compressor К-4950 together with steam turbine К-25 presented by Close Co. “REP Holding” and designed to compress and supply atmospheric air or air enriched with oxygen (up to 40%) to the blast furnace with a volume of up to 2000 m3 meet the Customer’s requirements most fully and therefore have been selected by the Indian party.

The delivery of this machinery to India will become another package supply by Close Co. “REP Holding: the turbine, compressor will be manufactured at CC “NZL”, while the AMCS and instrumentation – at JSC “ELECTROPULT Plant”.

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