14 December 2007

REP Holding enters the Iranian market

In the beginning of December the Contract for supply of the K-1400 compressor to Maybod Steel Plant (Islamic Republic of Iran) was signed .

Nevsky Zavod that participated in the Tender as part of Close Co. “REP Holding”, has been known in Iran for a long time. During almost the forty-years cooperation more than 100 various units have been supplied to Iran.

Besides Close Co. “REP Holding”, three other well-known companies participated in the tender for supply of the power machine-building products to Maybod Steel Plant (Islamic Republic of Iran).

It was quite difficult for the plant to select the Supplier. The companies participating in the Tender are large companies with good references. Therefore, selecting its partner, the Iranian party evaluated first of all the ability of the Supplier to provide package supply of the equipment: compressor, automatic control system, instrumentation.

“The victory of Close Co. “REP Holding” in this Tender is quite natural”, - as Sergey Nikishchenkov, Director of Sales Department has pointed out -“because out of all the companies we were the only one that offered the equipment meeting all the technical requirements of the Customer and certified by the International Organization IQNET as conforming to ISO 9001:2006”.

Then, according to the established procedure, the Contracts were drawn up and signed, and the first supplies are planned, beginning from 2009.

In future the Holding management is planning to expand and strengthen its position in the Iranian market both by supplying the new machinery, and by performing the repair, reconstruction and modernization of the units that have expired life time.

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