26 April 2007

Roselectroprom Holding developed and produced a new generation of ЭГПА for purpose of JSC GAZPROM compressor plants

ЭГПА (Electrical gas-compressor unit) – INNOVATION IN ELECTRICAL TECHNIQUE

Roselectroprom Holding developed and produced a new generation of ЭГПА for purpose of JSC GAZPROM compressor plants

On April, 5-6, 2007 Roselectroprom Holding realized first stage of AT (acceptance testing) gas-compressor unit with electric drive (ЭГПА-6, 3/8200-56/1,44-Р). AT are carried out according to coordinated with Gazprom program and method of factory testing.

ЭГПА are intended for compression and transportation of natural gas within specified conditions of technical parameters at compressor plant of main gas pipelines.

Uniqueness of the unit consists in the following aspects:

  • high-speed motor application (maximum speed of 8610 RPM) enabling to eliminate reducers usage
  • Frequency converters able to align unit capacity due to change of rotation derived engine speed.
  • Usage of magnetic bearings (S2M company production) instead of former lubricant used. That is enabling to flunk oil pump system, to reduce fire danger of the unit, arise its efficiency, to cutout commission expenses.

On action there were representatives of OJSC " Gazprom ", OJSC" Lentransgaz", OJSC " Severgazprom", OJSC " VNIIGAZ", JSC "ORGENEGOGAZ".

Acceptance inspection:

  • Has considered results of tests;
  • Has considered the operational documentation on ЭГПА-6,3/8200-56/1,44-Р;
  • Has checked up characteristics ЭГПА on conformity to the technical project;
  • Has checked up serviceability ЭГПА on various operating modes.

The unit presented to the commission has sustained AT (Acceptance Test), is recommended for delivery on compressor plants. At present works on preparation for the second stage of tests which will pass directly on Compressor Plant are conducted. In frames of AT (Acceptance Test)(1-st stage) unit successfully pass testing continued operation during 16 hours at rated frequency of rotation 8200 RPM.

ЭГПА have a line of advantages before other types of a drive:

  • Less capital outlays for construction;
  • More high reliability;
  • Minimum fire risk;
  • Service staff reduction due to fully automation of equipment;
  • Correspondence to modern environmental restriction (as opposed to ГПА elimination of combustion commodity at exhaust to air)


Data sheet in brief for ЭГПА (manufacturer REP Holding):

  • Rated voltage – 6000 V (10000 V)
  • Mass output capacity – 94,7 kg/sec
  • Gas pressure at inlet of pressurizer – 3,81MPa
  • Gas pressure at outlet of pressurizer – 5,49MPa
  • Compression ratio – 1,44
  • Pressurizer power – 6000KW
  • Rated operating speed – 8200 RPM
  • Operating speed adjustment range – from 50 up to 105%
  • Polytrophic pressurizer efficiency – 86%
  • Driver efficiency at typical operation – 93% Delivery on КС "Torzhok" and КС "Smolensk" is planned.

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