3 November 2016

«REP Holding» presented the electric power equipment of new generation at the exhibition Power Gen Russia 2016

Over 60 exhibitors from 12 countries of the world took part in the event – Russian and international market players, as well as local companies involved in engineering design, manufacture and supply of products for electro- and hydropower-generating purpose. More than 2300 visitors in three days. 

At the exhibition stand "REP Holding" presented the range of new industrial turbines of average capacity and other high-technology power generating equipment applicable for construction of new power-generating projects, also for modernization of CHP plants and boiler houses. 

The central part of the exposition was occupied with the gas-turbine unit Т16, which was released and successfully thoroughly tested at the Holding’s manufacturing facilities in 2016. This is a new Russian stationary gas turbine with the capacity of 16 MW designed by the engineers of «REPH» in partnership with GE to be used at plants of the Integrated Gas Transmission System and in electric power system of RF with consideration of all requirements of the Russian market. GTU Т16 has no comparable counterparts in Russia with regard to cost effectiveness, efficient performance and emission characteristics. 

The exhibition visitors had a possibility to make a virtual tour round the Holding’s manufacturing facilities. In the frame of the 3D-tour the key manufacturing lines of Nevskiy zavod were demonstrated: manufacturing, assembly and setting-up areas for up-to-date power generating and turbo-compressor equipment, serial production of gas-compressor units «Ladoga 32», as well as the areas for T16 manufacture and а new bed to test it. The virtual tour of the «Electropult» plant covered the assembly departments of the plant main products - GIS, low-voltage packages, container-units and auxiliaries. 

Within the frames of the business program of the forum the representatives of «REP Holding» took part in discussion of the most important technical and strategic matters related to the electric power generating industry. Much attention was devoted to the localization of generating equipment manufacture involving implementation of innovative foreign technologies at Russian sites. This tendency was acknowledged as the most efficient method to ensure growth of the internal manufacturing capabilities of plants.
Experts and participants of the special panel discussion investigated the existing experience of manufacture localization, discussed problems and ways to solve them, also they estimated actual possibilities and prospects. The Vice-President on Technical Development of «REP Holding» Franco Rosatelli represented the experience of cooperation with GE. Within few last years the Holding moved from the stage-by-stage localization on the license basis to the complete production cycle including testing. The cooperation started with the technologies transfer by now has extended up to co-developments one of which is the turbine Т16. As a comparison, the director told about production localization experience in other countries. One of the main condition for successful implementation of such kind of projects Franco Rosatelli called the local suppliers chain formation.
At the session «Advanced gas turbine technologies» the Holding in detail presented comprehensive solutions for power-generating sector based on the stationary GTU of new generation in the power range of 16-32 MW. The Chief Engineer of Turbines Department Sergey Erokhin, acting as a speaker, told about phases of mastering of the license equipment production and implementation of the common project with GE. In the Т16 presentation the speaker made emphasis on the unique technological properties of new turbine, having reviewed its application for the purpose of electric power facilities. 

In addition, under the chairmanship of Sergey Erokhin the session was held dedicated to GTU modernization and service life extension. During the discussion the experience of turbine application in different industrial sectors was presented along with modern approaches designed to increase operational life of machines. 

The key point in the business part of the forum was also given to the service and maintenance subject. The heads of service departments from the leading Russian and foreign countries participated in the panel discussion. The Vice-President of «REP Holding» Igor Ratnikov dwelled on the questions of service methods, and cooperation of service companies with the customer starting from the product development phase, for which further it will be required to provide maintenance. Such interaction, in speaker’s opinion, is a necessary condition in order to improve gas turbines operational efficiency.

The POWER-GEN RUSSIA forum demonstrated state-of-the-art developments in the field of power generation and advanced experience in modernization of power assets, wherewith once again it confirmed its international event status. The equipment manufacturers and suppliers had a possibility not only to present their competences, but to reach out to the direct dialogue with the major market players as well and to share ideas and contacts for business development.

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