11 March 2015

REP Holding Introduces the New Line of Russian - Manufactured Industrial Turbines

REP Holding took part in the energy industry leading exhibition of equipment and technologies for the energy complex, POWER GEN 2015, which took place from 3 to 5 March in Moscow, Central Exhibition Complex «Expocenter».

At its exhibition stand  REP Holding showed the up-to-date power equipment  designed and manufactured on the production sites of the Holding.  The visitors could familiarize themselves with the advanced technologies for construction of power generating units on the basis of gas and steam turbines and with the overall solutions for renovation of central heating and power plants  and boiler-houses.

Detailed information was presented on innovative projects in the field of power engineering and advanced developments in the production of high-tech equipment for the power industries and the integrated power grid. Also, the Holding specialists told about the technologies  applied at the Holding facilities to improve the efficiency and reliability of  gas turbine units.

Presented were projects demonstrating how it is possible to create highly efficient power plants in the power range  from 16 to 120 MW  on the basis of  Russian-manufactured industrial gas turbines.

Within the  frames of the exhibition REP Holding introduced the new line of industrial Russian-made turbines in the power range  of 16, 25 and 32 MW, as well as made a dedicated presentation on  production start-up of  the new T16 stationary gas turbine  unit rated at 16 MW for power –generating facilities and  oil and gas industry.

The presentation was moderated by Oleg Shevchenko,  REP Holding Vice President for Power-Generation  Projects,   Sergey Yerokhin, Chief Designer of  turbines and turbo units, was  the lead speaker and he was assisted by Alexander Ivashchenko, Director of the  Power Equipment Department, and Sergei Pokrovsky,  Director of the Power-Generation  Projects Department.

During the presentation, the Holding specialists  provided information  about  technical and design features of the new GTU and its competitive advantages, and told  also about the prospects for its use for the construction of modern power- generation units.  The presentation  aroused great interest from representatives of the oil and gas, power-generating companies and design institutes.

The  new T16 gas turbine developed in partnership with GE Oil & Gas will provide mechanical efficiency of  37%, thereby  raising the standard efficiency and reliability for GTU  in the power range of 10 to 20 MW.

The new two-shaft T16  gas turbine  can be used as a mechanical drive and as a turbo generator drive. It can be applied as part  of  gas-turbine power units, combined-cycle power plants and gas-pumping units.

Т16 refers to the industrial GTU with a prolonged service life and high flexibility for  on-site service maintenance. The full life cycle of the  GTU is  200 thousand hours.

All the systems of the T16 GTU have been  designed to ensure  high performance and ease of service maintenance.   Easy maintenance on site is possible due to a number of design features of the GTU. In particular, it implements  lateral roll-out of the gas generator and low pressure turbine module separately, and the entire turbo unit as well.

The new Т-16  turbine will be used for  construction and modernization of power-  generating  and fuel companies facilities, as well as in  gas industry. The entire GTU production cycle, including  assembly and tests, will be implemented  on the production sites  of REP Holding  in Saint-Petersburg. Development of the T16 gas turbine engine began in  2013. Complete units, including all the auxiliary systems and controls, are planned for release to the market early in 2016.

Summing up the participation in the Power Gen 2015, Vice President of  REP Holding Oleg Shevchenko stated that  " ...the exhibition has become a really effective platform for constructive dialogue between the customers and manufacturers, giving an opportunity  to discuss  the most urgent branch issues in this difficult time, and has become a good stimulus for joint decision-making on technical and financial concepts to most effectively use different types of equipment.  The exhibition enabled us, as manufacturers, to get direction in the current market situation and adjust  the  technical policy for the coming years, as well as to establish future-oriented business contacts.   For our company participation in the Power Gen this year become particularly  important, we not only demonstrated our competence in the design and manufacture of high-tech equipment, but also introduced the new line of industrial gas turbines and presented for the first time to the power-generation  market our latest development – a  new generation industrial gas turbine  rated at 16 MW”.

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