22 June 2009

On June, 22, 2009Y.

On June, 22, 2009Y. Top Management of CJSC REPH (St.-Petersburg) and representatives of OJSC "GAZPROM" have been held meeting concerning consideration and an estimation of a condition of works on realization GPU-32 "Ladoga" project the company output product.

Participants of meeting: on behalf of OJSC «GAZPROM»
CEO in deputy, Gas transportation department, Underground storage and gas utiliza-tion, O&G recovery department, Gas condensate department, O&G condensate trans-portation department , Electrical energy department , Economic examination and price determination department, investments and constructions department, JSC «GAZPROM VNIIGAS», JSC «GAZPROM TRANSGAS UCKHTA », JSC « GAZ-PROM TRANSGAS Tchaikovsky», JSC «GASFLEET», JSC «GASPROM DOBY-CHA SHELF (shelf sea production activity)», «Shtokman development AG ».

On behalf of design institute:
JSK «GIPROSPECGAS», JSC «VNIPI GASDOBYCHA», Krylov Shipbuilding Re-search Institute», JSC “Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering “Rubin” SPMBM CKB MALAKHIT, FSUE CNII TS.

Participants of meeting have visited the holding enterprises: JSC «Nevsky zavod» and JSC «Electropult plant». They accepted capacities and technological possibilities of the productions, new tooling equipment, test beds and research laboratories. Also new product samples and innovative workings out have been presented to areas electrical engineers and turbo-compressor unit.

The great attention was given to license turbine MS5002E and gas drive compressor, regulated electric drive and to generators.

Further in the program were submitted presentations on the subject of production design and preparation to GT MS5002 manufacturing process, about Maintenance Tests of the given turbine have sounded. The special accent has been made on possibilities and prospects of application of GPU (gas pumping unit) within power rate of 32MW on CS of GAZPROM.

In A. G. Ananenkov's final speech has noticed that GPU - 32 "Ladoga" capacity of 32 MW, is the new generation unit, with high EFFICIENCY, high reliability and operational readiness, with low pollutions harmful to human. The O&G branch very much requires such units, and REP Holding has all production po-tentialities, technologies and qualified personnel to make GPU-32 "Ladoga".

As for REP Holding the contract signing to delivery of GPU-32 «LADOGA» to the sites of JSC GAZPROM will assume importance a stage of revival of former capacity of a power industry at St.-Petersburg.

Gas-compressor plant production GPU -32 LADOGA is realized by REP holding affiliated enterprises: JSC «Nevsky Zavod », JSC « Electropult plant», Cl. Co. «K-Energo», Electropult system ltd in cooperation with the Russian enterprises of OJSC NPO "ISKRA" and OJSC ISKRA – Energetic.

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