19 May 2010

The 75 anniversary of «ELECTROPULT» Plant

In May 2010 “ELECTROPULT” Plant celebrates its anniversary.

“ELECTROPULT” Plant – is a leading manufacturer of control equipment for electrical substations and networks, thermal, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, build as well as in Russia and abroad.

The history of the plant originates on May 14th, 1935, when production and engineering department on development and manufacturing of switchboards and control equipment for power projects was created. It was dictated by the need to electrically equip the new built thermal and hydroelectric power stations of USSR.

In 1937 the engineering department was modified into State Union Plant of electrical equipment, instruments and power plant operating boards, the plant assumed name “Electropult”.

Since 1939 all power plant of USSR was equipped only with “ELECTROPULT” products, the country refused from imported switchboards.

In post-war years the country had to reconstruct destroyed thermal and hydro-electric power plants.

The plant got its second birth – it was reconstructed after major damage, caused by war, and in 1945 the country began to have production in maximum possible volume.

The country government always appreciated the role of “ELECTROPULT” plant in development of determinative economy branches of the country. The plant honored highest governmental decorations again and again. In 1976 the plant awarded an order of Labor Red Banner. In 1985 the plant awarded an order of October Revolution for completion of works on modernization of dedicated facilities.

Since 2004 JSC “ELECTROPULT Plant” is a part of power engineering holding CJSC “REPH” and takes leading positions in packaged supply of power plant equipment.

We congratulate all employees of “ELECTROPULT” Plant with its anniversary and wish further success, health and well-being!

Management of «Rep Holding»

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