5 October 2010

On the plant «Siemens Electroprivod» in St.-Petersburg has started the line production of power electric motors

In solemn ceremony of converyer production took part the POWER DRIVES SIEMENS AG Director Department Mr. Jurgen Brandes, President of CJSC «REPH» Mr. Lokotkov Gennady, the President of «SIEMENS AG» in Russian Federation & Central Asia Mr. Dietrich Muller. Also, event was visited by key customer’s representatives: OJSC «Gazprom», OJSC «Transneft», OJSC «Russian Railway Roads», Со Ltd. «Ural Locomotives» and others.

Start of a new conveyor is the first big stride on enterprise development after «Siemens» has expanded the participation in authorized capital in Со Ltd. «Siemens Electroprivod» from 50 % up to 66 % in the 2010Y, and mutually with CJSCC «REPH» makes the investments of 25 million Euro for creation of an infrastructure and floor spaces with in the aim of foundation the unite production for manufacturing the electric motors and frequency converters, and also traction electric motors and converters. The Co Ltd. «Siemens Electroprivod» is joint venture of «Siemens» & CJSC «REPH», formed in 2006Y.

Factory transmutation into advanced production area under governing of «Siemens AG» is aimed to deepening of the localization of concern technologies in Russia. On the one hand, it is a question of local production of hi-tech goods for the Russian Oil & Gas industry, in particular, for such projects, as (main oil pipeline East Siberia – Pacific Ocean) VSTO-1 and VSTO -2. On the other hand, the factory becomes the local supplier for the Russian productions Siemens AG in the field of railroading. So, «Siemens Electroprivod» is planned to use electric motors of production at building of electric trains Desiro RUS and cargo locomotives in the Verkhnay Pyshma.

Besides, Co Ltd. «Siemens Electroprivod» becomes in Russia head center of Siemens on field service of powerful engines. Enterprise tasks will include also development of a network of the Russian suppliers, including for needs of all global Siemens.

«The new conveyor start at that plant became the next big stride «Siemens» in the localization process at Russia and for Russia. Now the Co Ltd. «Siemens Electroprivod» Becomes an integral part of the Russian economy, - declare on the solemn ceremony Mr. Dietrich Muller. Only this year we are engaged in variety capital investment project as for localization of Hi-Tech production in the country. «Siemens» confidently and strongly connects the prospects with successful long-term and dynamical development of Russia».

Mr. Jorgen Brandes emphasize that Russia represent the strategic market in the field of Engineering, possess by huge growth potential: «We intend and to strengthen further the positions in that market, offering our Russian customers the modern and reliable equipment of Siemens. Especially pleases that fact, that we issues more and more hi-tech production with a sign Made in Russia».

Co Ltd. «Siemens Electroprivod» is joint venture of Siemens AG A&D Large Drives and CJSC «REP Holding». Created in January 2006Y for production and service HV electrical motors and frequency converters under license of Siemens.

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