11 October 2010

The mosaic operator control boards by «REP Holding» have already supplied to China

The electro technical complex of CJSC «REPH» on the 7th of October released two mosaic operator control board for gas plant for concentration of the nuclear fuel in China. The contract for the supplying of two mosaic control boards was realized in April 2010 by the department «Atomic energy industry», the customer of the equipment is Ltd. Company «Technosnabexport». This project was realized within the frame of the government agreement between Russia and China.

New mosaic operator control boards are the complex, which consists of the mosaic boards, the control system and the software. The operator boards are carried out on the base of the modern telecommunication technologies; they are linked with the telemechanical devices and display the information in the on-line mode. The mnemonic diagram of the object and all the necessary information about the state of the individual power components and the quantity characteristic of the controlled parameters. The boards are easy to maintenance have the high speed and visibility. The structure provides the simplicity of the exchange of some components and easy service. The main specific feature is the overall – 3109 х 8373 х 500 mm.

The releasing of the items with such features is very important event for the enterprise. Our enterprise has developed and manufactured the operator boards previously. Recently we supplied the following equipment for NPP «Kudamkulam», NPP «Kurskaya» and other objects. But the releasing of the items of such technological level and scope is fulfilled at the first time and the next stage of the development of the mosaic operator boards technique. We are sure, that the completed items will prove the high operation characters and it will allow CJSC «REP Holding» to obtain the new positions on Russian and world market.

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