Year 2004

  • Establishment of the Closed Joint-Stock Company “REP Holding”.
  • OJSC “ELECTROPULT Plant” (the plant was established in 1935), a leading Russian manufacturer of the electrical equipment for various power generating industries, has joined the Holding.

Year 2005

  • “Electropult-Grozny” Co., Ltd was established. It is a joint venture of “REP Holding” and the Government of the Chechen Republic purposed to manufacture electrical products. The company was established to provide electrical products for power generating objects, oil and gas industry, metallurgical industry and transport of the RF South Region. Another purposes of it is to assist the government in stabilization of the situation in the Northern Caucasus and to attract private investments to the economy of the Republic.
  • CJSC “К-Energo” was established. It is an enterprise that manufactures, installs and services the enclosure boxes, wireways, block modules and other electrotechnical products.

Year 2006

  • “Siemens-Elektroprivod” Co., Ltd was established. This company is a joint venture of Siemens AG A&D Large Drives and CJSC “REP Holding” and is purposed to manufacture and service high-voltage electric motors and frequency converters under a license of Siemens.

Year 2007

  • “Nevskiy Zavod” became a part of the Holding. “Nevskiy Zavod” is the oldest industrial enterprise of Saint Petersburg and the leading Russian power-generating plants’ manufacturer. “Nevskiy Zavod” was founded in 1857. The company has been developing and manufacturing products related to the power engineering industry (gas and steam turbines, centrifugal and axial compressors, blower-type compressors) for more than 75 years.
  • Institute of Power Machine — Building and Electrotechnics (CJSC "IPM & E") was established. This Institute was formed to develop innovative branches in power engineering industry and electrotechnical industry. The Company includes 2 large engineering centers, i.e. Research Institute of Design and Technology of Turbocompressor Engineering (NIKTIT, “Nevskiy Zavod”) and the engineering center purposed to design electric power control, distribution and adjustment systems (OJSC “ELECTROPULT Plant”).
  • Contracts for training of specialists for the Holding companies were signed with the leading Higher Technical Education Institutes of Saint-Petersburg, standard institute departments specialized in “Turbo-Compressor Building” and “Electrical Engineering” were established.

Year 2008

  • “Electropult-System” Co., Ltd and CJSC “Electropult-ACS” which jointly provide comprehensive production automation became part of CJSC “REPH”.
  • CJSC “Electropult-Integration” was established to optimize the internal costs connected with heat, water, and electric power supply services.
  • More than 10 licences for manufacturing complex power-generating and machine-building equipment were obtained. This allowed the company to intensively implement modern products into the production of the large Western Manufacturers("SIEMENS", "S2M", "GE", "RITTAL") 
  • A license to manufacture and sell the new generation turbines MS5002E rated at 32MW power was obtained from GE Oil & Gas (Nuovo Pignone S.p.A.) company.

Year 2009

  • All companies of the Holding underwent global modification and upgrading; production and personnel facilities were repaired; new production shops, covering more than 100 th. sq. meters were built; the main production facilities were completed; the equipment provided by the worldwide leading manufacturers (Mori Seiko, Okuma, Tos Varnsdorf, etc.) was installed.
  • Manufacture of the licensed 32-MW gas turbine MS5002E was fully assimilated. The project for manufacture of the gas pumping unit (GPU-32 “Ladoga” based on the licensed turbine) was elaborated.
  • A contract with JSC “Gazprom”, which allowed company to manufacture and supply 19 gas-pumping units for the compressor stations on the main gas pipeline “Bovanenkovo-Ukhta”, was>
  • The Integrated Quality Management and Environmental Management System was implemented, international IQNET and SINCERT certificates and ISO 14000 Environmental Management Certificate were obtained.
  • More than two dozens of Conformance Certificates for the new products and a number of Rostekhnadzor permits for use of the Products at the hazardous production facilities were obtained.

Year 2010

  • Innovative manufacture of centrifugal compressors with usage of the magnetic bearing system and dry gas seals was implemented.
  • Mass production of the modern electrically driven Gas-Pumping Units (EGPU-4,0/8200) equipped with the automatic control system was launched.
  • The first Russian industrial turbine rated at 32MW was launched into serial production.
  • New production facilities, such as pattern-making, were established, the metallurgical facilities were reconstructed, a special process line for manufacture of the units rated at 32MW was started.

Year 2011

  • The manufacture of the licensed gas turbine MS5002E rated at 32MW, which is a part of the new generation gas-pumping unit GPU-32 “Ladoga”, was localized on the production site "Nevskiy Zavod".li>

Year 2012

  • A contract, which allowed the company to supply 14 gas pumping units “Ladoga-32” to the world’s largest compressor station “Russkaya” of the main gas pipeline “South Stream”, was signed.
  • The first replaceable flow path (RFP), which used the active magnetic bearing system for a booster compressor station (BCS) within the frames of the compressor modernization at the West Tarkosalinskiy gas field BCS, was developed, manufactured and successfully tested. Production of the electro-magnetic bearing systems has been performed at the “REP Holding” facilities under the license of S2M since 2009. These electro-magnetic bearing systems are successfully applied as part of the gas-pumping units at the gas main pipelines facilities.
  • “REP Holding” and GE Oil&Gas signed the agreement about foundation of the joint venture "Ladoga -Service" Co., Ltd. The main objective of the joint venture is to support gas transport enterprises in the matters related to spare parts supply and comprehensive technical maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repair, engineering and technical support of the GPU-32 fleet operation, as well as service of other types of oil and gas and power generation equipment.
  • The long-term program of cooperation with “Gazprom” till the year 2020 was signed. The program included production and introduction of the modern high-technological equipment onto the key reconstruction objects and new construction projects within the frames of the gas main pipelines system development.

Year 2013

  • Was signed the Memorandum between the "REP Holding" and «Gazprom» according to which "REP Holding" will develop and manufacture a new model of heavy – duty gas-pumping units (GPA) rated at 16 MW with the efficiency of 38% and service life no less than 200 thousand hours.
  • Was signed the License Agreement between "REP Holding" and "GE Oil & Gas" for co-development and production of a new heavy – duty gas turbine rated at 16 MW for “Gazprom” and power – generating companies.
  • Was signed the Agreement between "REP Holding" and "Solar Turbines" for localization of 22 MW gas turbines production.

Year 2014

  • Аgreements on 100% technology transfer for the entire range of the licensed turbines were signed.
  • Was signed an expansion of the License Agreement with GE Oil&Gas. It mentioned 100% technical documentation transfer to  REP Holding for all components of the 32 MW GTU, including production of "hot section" elements of T32 turbine and MARK-VI ACS.
  • Was reached aAgreement with GE on complete transfer of service technology and documentation.