Key Competence of “REP Holding” companies

JSC "REP Holding" is a leading Russian power engineering holding, designer, manufacturer and supplier of the new generation power equipment. It develops, manufactures and engineering design, manufacture and package-suppliespower-gene-rating and electrical equipment for the oil&gas, metallurgy, chemical industry, power generation and integrated power grid.

Competitive Advantages:
  • Scientific and technical potential, application of unique structural and process solutions
  • Powerful manufacturing and engineering facilities
  • Successful experience in localization of advanced foreign technologies
  • Manufacture of the modern power-saving turbine and compressor equipment
  • Unified production management system
  • All stages of the manufacturing cycle, from design to servicing
  • Turn-key package supplies
  • High reliability and operational readiness of the units
  • Automated manufacturin technologues
  • Improved environmental measures

Holding enterprises design and manufacture:

  • New generation gas-pumping units rated at 16, 22, 32 MW
  • Steam turbine units rated at 6 to 25 MW
  • Complete electrically-driven gas-pumping units rated at 4.0; 6.3; 12.5 MW
  • Gas and steam turbine generators rated at 32 MW
  • Power units based on steam and gas turbines
  • Centrifugal and axial compressors and blowers ranging from 4 to 32 MW
  • Electrically driven compressors rated from 4 to 32 MW
  • Variable speed drives rated from 1 to 100 MW
  • Automated systems for control, regulation, distribution and conversion of electric power
  • Integrated automation systems for industrial facilities

Innovative power-generating products of "REP Holding" companies are used for upgrading the gas transmissions systems, modern power-generating units construction in metallurgical and petrochemical sectors and in other industrial fields.

The pattern of the Holding products distribution by industries